Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Today was a pretty short and simple day, I went out to get some food down at New Edition, where the other pan yard was, at around 5 oclock for “lunch?” so I got some fish, beans, rice and noodles, pretty good. Then I was walking back to Kirths house when I passed Brandons driveway. I decided to stop in and say hello. This is also where Maggie and Nanya are staying. Of course Brandon greets me very nicely and offers me a beer before I can even say Hi back. Maggie and Brandon were doing some work around there place so I sat and talked with Nanya again. She was happy because she finally got her luggage which was lost in the airports. She didnt have it for a week and shes only staying for two. Anyway we actually ended up talking and watching Friends. The strange thing is that she looks exactly like Courtney Cox. Spitting image, I am not kidding. She looks more like her than Johnny Russler looks like Sammy Hagar. She said she got that a lot and its actually one of her favorite shows. It got to be about 7ish and as we were watching, Maggie puts a plate in my lap. Fish noodles and salad. I ate as much as my body would let me. I didn’t want to insult. But it was very good as well. It came to 8 oclock, which is when rehearsal is supposed to start, so I went back to the house to get ready and go. Kirth was there with Omari and I waited around for awhile and then Kirth and I went to rehearsal. Off subject: Kirths nickname is Lemon. I don’t know why but it is. I asked him and he just said it was a pretty sweet name and smiled. I think its because he is such a relaxed guy, He is a very laid back, pleasant guy. I think its because he limes so hard, he lemons. But that’s just a theory. Anyway, back to the story. Rehearsal wasn’t a rehearsal at all. It was a meeting about how we are getting to Trinidad and back. So the management team of the band met and talked about that while everyone else sat around and talked for 3 hours. Everyone watched the video I had on my phone and we looked at the judges sheets from last night. We found out we are ranked 4th overall right now and 2nd in Tobago. The Judges sheets were weird because the scores were pretty good but there was barely any constructive feedback. So we all eventually went home and I Skyped my parents and blogged a bit. But now I should be getting to because I have to get up tomorrow. Maggie is leaving with Nanya next week for Poland so Nanya suggested we hang out tomorrow and let Maggie and Brandon hang out for while before she leaves. I think I have to get up at 9. Night.

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