Thursday, January 28, 2010

Long day, long blog....

Well, today I got up and dressed and met my Nanya so week can go on our walk to Turtle Beach. Oh and I completely miss heard her name when she said it and her name is Kinga. I know what you are thinking… “How could I have messed that up soo bad.” Well you would have too. In Polish, its not as far off as it looks….give me a break. So, we went on our way at around 11 o’clock. It was overcast for the first time since Ive been here and did rain on and off all day. But when it rains here, its not like Illinois where it rains sideways and hurts and is really cold and has lightning and thunder. It’s a shower. Its like you are running through a sprinkler because it is still very light out. And some times it was just a slight mist. So I offered to whip out the ol’ thumb and try my luck at hitchhiking up there because it is a long way but Kinga said she would like to walk. Sooo I didn’t want to look like a wimp so I walked too. Haha just kidding I really actually enjoy walking so I can see everything and exercise. It was a very good day for this walk. Last time the Sun was beating down on my and it was slightly cooler and the company made the walk even more pleasant. So it was a pretty long walk and of course we traded life stories talking about our occupations, to how she met Maggie and so on. We finally arrived at the beach and the waves were very rough which is unusual for Turtle beach but it was still very nice. There were a group of men pulling in a fishing net. Not like a dinky one. But a huge one that had to be hundreds of yards long. Apparently they had some tuna in there. As we were walking along the beach a man who wasn’t very right in the head started following and talking to us. He mumbled a lot and tended to be in my bubble. He walked and talked very close to me. Being the gentle man I am I made sure I stood in between Kinga and this Crazy. Then we tried to lose him but instead he just tried to sell us very small coconuts. He then proceeded to shake them very close to my head so I knew they was liquid inside. Other locals then started yelling at him which bought us time to get away. We started to head back after stopping to see a person who sold hand mad jewelry and a man who made leather sandals by hand. Pretty nice stuff. I didn’t get any but I might go back. So we headed back and stopped at Pizza Boys to eat and pick up a Pizza for Brandon and Maggie. The Pizza was ok, I’ve definitely had better but Im not too particular. This was nice because we got to sit down and talk even more. Trading life stories takes a while. Kinga’s English is very good but of course there were some slight communication difficulties. Around this time I got a call from Seion asking me to teach the new three cello player from St. Vincent the cello part. I have a feeling he wanted me to do it as soon as I could but I called the man and we worked out a meeting time at 6.Then we started heading back to Buccoo and we hung out at her place, relaxed and talked some more. Then I headed down to the panyard to meet with the player from St. Vincent, Big B. We worked out some parts for about 2 or 3 hours and I didn’t mind because I know how good it would have been if someone had done that for me. Plus I get too learn my part even better. For some reason we didn’t rehearse which I found very frustrating because that’s two days we wasted and didn’t rehearse. But, its not my place. It was raining on and off still and not everyone was there. But I didn’t really feeling like sitting around so I went back to Lemon’s house and got some food on the way back. That jokester guy that I was joking with on Monday actually saw me walking and gave me a ride down the road. I’m definitely feeling more myself now.
After a little bit I got bored so I started walking back to the panyard because I had a feeling they were loading up pan racks to take to the port. Of course I was right and just on time. They had three trucks and they just strap these racks to the them and Drive them down to Scarborough which is about a 15 min drive without traffic. Now keep in mind its still raining out. For the first couple of trips I didn’t go with and I just help load the trucks when they were at the Panyard. But then I figured hey why not and got on the last load. Now these trucks were long pick ups kind of but the 3 sides of the back can fold down to make it a flat bed. So here I am in the middle of a bass pan rack, with pans in them, on the back of a truck while its raining out. Sorry Mom and Dad. Not to mention they are going down some roads at 100 kilometers per hour. Eh you only life once. It wasn’t really what I expected but hey, you only live once. I came here to get the full experience…..And I’m getting it. So, we get there and unload, which at this point its starts pouring. Then we get back in the truck, luckily I got to go in the Cab this time. Its probably equally safe because there is a total of 4 people in there its just a lot drier. Seat belts, haha. There first time I tried to put one of those on Omari laughed at me. I have still warn them at times but this time I couldn’t because there were 4 people in a 2 person cab. Anyways, we got back and I hung out for a while and then Lemon and I came back to his place and crashed. Tomorrow I must get up pretty early because I am helping Big B learn more music at 10 and I have to do laundry tomorrow because I leave for Trinidad Friday morning. Better get to bed. Night.

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