Thursday, January 21, 2010

another relaxing day...

Well again yesterday I went to bed before blogging because I was supposed to get up early. Yesterday was a pretty easy day again, I got up and watched some TV. Then I wanted to shower but the water was gone. Not like oh no we have no hot water. More like oh no we have no WATER. Luckily enough to brush my teeth and stuff but definitely not enough for a shower. Eh anyway I was hungry so I went down the street to get some roti and eat it back here. Unfortunately I forgot ask for it hot so I had to find some hot sauce but it was pretty good either way. Then there was still no water so I decided to go for a swim at Mt. Irving. I was leaving just as Omari was coming in from school. He wanted to fly his kite so we went our separate ways after hanging out for a few minutes. I walked to the beach and just as I was setting my stuff down I saw Maggie, the girl from Poland who is living with Brandon. And she was with her friend Nanya (keep in mind a lot of these names I don’t know if I am spelling right but that’s how they sound.) Nanya is a friend from Poland and she is up here for two weeks. She was exploring the shoreline while me and Maggie swam and talked. She actually invited me to go snorkling this morning with her Brandon and Nanya but they had to cancel. That’s why I had to go to be early. Anyway, the water is great, very clear and warm. Then we got out and were all talking, then Maggie had to go back and work so I Nanya and I talked for a while, got to know her and then I walked her back because it was really close to Kirth’s house.
So I went back to the house looking forward to a shower and still there was no water, so I waited a little bit and after about an hour it turned on and I showered up before rehearsal. I went down to rehearsal to get some food and some practice in. I was getting a bit frustrated because I wasn’t getting the last bit of parts or I was told the wrong thing. So I decided to ask Seion for the music just to double check my notes and so I know all the knows FOR SURE. I want to know the music better than everyone, bc this is my only chance at this. I’ve said this before so its obviously been running through my head a lot. Also, at rehearsal we have worked on the new stuff a lot, and that is the stuff I have down cold. So we only run the parts I need a few times so it makes it harder to pick up.
After rehearsal, we hung out and hand some beers and talked. Then I went back with Kirth and we stopped for some food on the way. We relaxed and had some rum and coke and watched part of a movie. He went to bed and I watched it all of course. All these movies I haven’t seen before. Then I went to bed to get up early for snorkeling but I got a text saying they weren’t so I slept in. haha. Now I am about to go get some food. More later.


  1. do you have a picture of omari? i want to see him and his kite!

  2. Haha I will try to get one the as soon as I can.