Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One week is already gone....

Well today was a pretty eventful day. Sabrina, the German girl from Sunday school I met, had invited me to come to meet her and her mom and moms friend at the Turtle beach. So I figured I would go. I had not been there yet so of course I said yes. Turtle beach is where in the summer time huuuge sea turtles come and lay their eggs at night. Unfortunately I would be missing that this year but maybe ill be back someday. The turtles are about 6 feet long, maybe bigger. It was a beautiful day out (like usual) so I figured I would walk to this beach. I looked at a satellite map online before I left so I knew how to get there and just went. So I past a Mt. Irving beach where I usually go swimming and about 10-15 minutes and I’m feelin’ good. Great pace. The map I looked at was great. It gave me landmarks like big buildings so could keep track of where I was. Oddly enough, these maps don’t tell you how many stinkin hills there are! 3 hours later…. Just kidding. But seriously about 45 minutes into my walk I get to a strip mall where there are many different shops. I went in and bought a drink because I was getting a bit tired and really thirsty, It was about 85 degrees in the shade and in the middle of the day. Noooow I get why they call it Mt. Irving. On my walk up to this point I did see a lot of little lizards running around, ya know, getting out of the sun. Oh, and I also met a nice elderly Finish couple. Anyway, I kept on truckin’. After about 20 minutes and 4 more hills, I got to Turtle beach. There I met up with Sabrina, her mom and moms friend, all from Germany. They were sitting in the shade relaxing. Right on turtle beach is a hotel like place were there are 3 levels and a bunch of rooms. I don’t think anyone was under the age of 73 besides the four of us. Well we talked for a while about lots of things. They gave me some food and drink it was good. Ovaltine cookies? Pretty good, must be German. They also taught me a card game. It was called Lobos 77. I read the directions, which means I looked at the pictures (all in German) and we started to play. It was a math and strategy game,. Each player has a 5 cards and ever turn you have to put one down. Most of the cards are number cards and some are action cards like, reverse or put down two. Anyway, you add up the numbers but if the total adds up to a multiple of 11 or goes over 77 you lose. Thanks all im going to explain about the game on the blog but if you want I can explain more later.
Sabrina and group were staying with a friend Mary Ann who is from Germany but she has lived here for 19 years. So they came down for a vacation. Nice people, very welcoming and friendly. They had a private taxi coming to pick them up at 5 and they offered me a ride. I of course accepted because I didn’t feel like scaling Mt. Irvine again, and it would be cheaper than hitchhiking. Yes, hitchhiking. It is very much legal here and I am definitely going to try it out one day. Sorry Mom. Ill be careful.
It turns out they are staying very close to Kirths house and they were actually going to go eat at Grillers, which is about half way between. They refused money from me to pay for the cab (I fought pretty hard) and then they even tried to buy my food but I said no. But I did let them buy me a Carib, when they “offered” which means when ordered me one without me knowing. So I had some food and good conversation, some of which was me listening to German I didn’t understand, but I’m kind of used to that. Haha. So we finished and went our separate ways. I actually went back in to get a water after I walked them out. There I met a middle-aged couple from Boston who was on their 3rd trip to Tobago. Nice people. Then walked back to the house. There I came in to Omari showing me his kite that he just made. It was pretty impressive, especially for an 8 year old. Then Kirth was going to get something for him and Omari to eat (and me if I hadn’t already) down the street. But I offered to go get it and pay for it because he has done soo much for me and bought me so many meals. So me and Omari walked down to Shirl’s Finger Lickin’ and geez did it smell “finger lickin’” I was stuffed and my mouth was watering. They mostly sell fried chicken here and that’s what we got. I definitely have to eat there soon. But Omari definitely has a lot of energy, always bouncing around everywhere. Oooh and I am amazed at how well is American English is getting. I will say something and he will just echo me exactly how I say it. I usually double take because it doesn’t make sense in conversation and then I realize, do I really sound like that. I do. We go back and he and Kirth ate and then did some reading homework. I got ready and went to rehearsal. I really feel even more comfortable. I really have all the knew stuff down well. So well that band members are asking me for the notes they might have forgotten. I still have small bits to get in the first part of the song but that shouldn’t take long. After rehearsal, I hung out with a group of guys in their late teens. I am really starting to get used to and understand the Tobagian dialect now and can finally partake in conversation. Also I showed them my IPhone and they really got a kick out of it. They recorded a video of ya know, boys being boys. Goofing around. But they are all nice. And say hi when the see me. Kirth and I then hitched a ride home, each had a glass of Jamaican Rum and Cranberry juice and were going to go to bed. But instead I got hooked on the movie 27 dresses and stayed up. I almost left that part out but I don’t care. I liked it, it was amusing. Don’t judge. I liked the Notebook too. (mostly because of Rachel McAdams). Time for bed, more tomorrow.

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