Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...

Saturday night rehearsal was pretty long but Seion and a couple of the Trini players weren’t their because they had a prelim the next day I believe for the Merrytones and they had to finish their tune and then play the next day. Im really glad I didn’t go to this rehearsal on time because it was a mostly teaching people who didn’t know the part that Seion taught in the morning. Anyway so we got back at a pretty reasonable hour. Then I woke up and went down to the panyard for a cello sectional at 12 and we went through the tune. Luckily someone wasn’t there so I was able to play though the stuff. Now I finally have all the parts. And they are correct. Then we took a “5 minute break”… an hour later I realized we weren’t going to play anymore so I went to get food and went back to Kirths. I felt like going for a swim so I packed up my back pack and went to Mt. Irving for a little bit. Just relaxed in the water for a while and then I went to grab my towel and I saw something move right by my foot. It was a crab. And not like a “aww look at that cute little crab.” It was more like a “Holy crap! That thing is as big as my hand.” So I quickly averted the situation and did the next sensible thing I could do….reach for my phone to take a picture. Unfortunately, while I was doing that, the crab got away. Did I mention that he was the same color as the sand so that made avoiding him harder as well. So I dried off, counted my toes, gathered my things (making sure there were no crabs in them) and walked back. I took a nap before night rehearsal. I was on my way out to go to rehearsal and Kirth asked me if he wanted to go for a drive down to Scarborough to pick up Georgina and I said sure because I knew I wasn’t going to playing much because prelims were the next day. And Seion and the other players weren’t coming back to for a few hours. Seion still had to teaching us the introduction to the tune. Then I got back to rehearsal and we learned the new music. You can tell Seion was teaching all day because his voice was almost gone. The piece is finally done…..for now. He will most likely change it before Finals at least once. That rehearsal went until about 330 in the morning and I Kirth and I didn’t get back until almost 5. I went with him to drop off Seion at his place and check on the Trini players at the house they are staying at. I was exhausted so as soon as I got back a passed out.

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