Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Prelims and such...

Monday I woke up pretty late because of how late last night was. But I got up about 130 and then I wanted to get out and get food before Omari came home. I didn’t have the energy for Omari. I know that sounds horrible but the kid is like the energizer bunny. Sometimes he just runs around for fun. Anyway, so I got showered and dressed quick and went over for some grillers and had some grilled lamb. Great as everything is. Then I went back to relax and hang out with Omari a little bit he was working on a new kite of course and wanted to show me how it sounds. Then I went down to the panyard for the early rehearsal a little after 4. It was supposed to start at 4 but they actually got yelled at because no one was ready to start until 530. Either way they eventually started playing. It actually isn’t bad not playing because I get a chance to just listen to the whole band. It’s a great sound and I really like what Seion wrote. I also took some really good video. Oh I forgot to mention that they gave out the band t shirt (they call t shirts jerseys). Its an XL, its like a dress. I think Seion gave them the size before I came up. I tried to exchange it but they only have XLs left or bigger. Eh oh well. If I tuck it in it doesn’t look too bad. I do kind of feel like I’m wearing MC Hammer pans as a shirt but its ok. So rehearsal got done and I went back to Kirths to change and relax before going back to the panyard. Kirth called me as I was leaving to grab a camera from his place. He wanted to Skype a friend from Canada why the band played. So grabbed it and went down to the panyard to install it. So I ended up having to set up the PC outside so he could use the camera. Then it was time to warm up for prelims. There was a crowd that started forming and they had put up a tent for the judges and a fence for the crowd. Great vibes in the air and then they played for the Judges. It was awesome. I cant wait to play. They sounded reeaaal good, there were flag girls and the crowd was huge. I had someone video record it with my Iphone from one side and I did the other with my camera.
Then there was the after party after we put away all the pans and the crowd dispersed. Lots of dancing and drinking. I actually am starting to act more like my usual self around everyone. There was a man that is known to be a jokester and he kind of poked fun at me and we traded a little bit in front of anyone and I really earned his respect and made everyone laugh. Then I had my first experience with “wining.” Which is dancing for all those that are unfamiliar. I’m not going to hide it but the drinks had been flowing so I was slightly inebriated but I was talking to Seion and Akua and there was a girl dancing behind me. And of course, they told me to wine with this girl (Michelle who was one of the Trini players). And knowing me, of course I did and everyone started screamin because no one expected it haha. And when I say everyone I mean like almost the whole band and friends. Haha but it was really funny and I feel even more comfortable with everyone. I started dancing more later and I actually did some goofy thing and landed on my ankle wrong and sprained my ankle a bit haha. Don’t worry Mom, Im ok. After a while I went back to the trini’s guest house and hung out there for a while and then I went back to Kirths and slept. Now I am just taking it easy today, and am about to go get some food.

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