Saturday, January 30, 2010

day two in Trinidad....

Well today we had to get up at 7 oclock for breakfast and a meeting. Just some scrambled eggs and bacon and toast. Simple, good and cost efficient (free). Then we had a meeting. There have been some not so awesome vibes in the band overall and the meeting was mostly a sort of wake up call to get focused. It actually reminded me about football back in high school, when the coach or coaches would give some constructive and inspirational speeches. We’ll have to see if it did the job. After the meeting, I of course went back to sleep for about an hour nap before I had to shower and get ready for rehearsal. At rehearsal we started with sectionals which was nice because we went over the hard runs and the whole tune. I needed that because I still had to get used to my new pans. At first I really didn’t like how they sounded or were arranged but after cleaning them well, the sound better and I have gotten used to the layout of the notes pretty well. Oh! And the Vibes were really good, so the talks must have worked. We rehearsed from about 1130 till around 7 or 8. Yea I know, long day but much needed and much accomplished. The only bad thing about where we are practicing there is no water or food near by. luckily Lemon supplied us with both. There was reeaaal good food brought in for our lunch break. At the end of practice we were all exhausted and ready to get home. I knew my feet were killing me. We got back to the hotel and were all ready to shower, lime and go to bed. However, one big problem. No water. Yes let me say that again, NO WATER. Yea I didn’t even ask any follow up questions. I have grown to expect the unexpected. Anyway, So we ate some food that was provided for us again and people hung out. I went over to the pharmacy to get something to drink and I was craving some chocolate. I was grabbed 3 candy bars that I had never seen or heard of before (Nuggle, X Bar, and Bonaza) and I an Arizona Iced Tea. I wanted to spend less than 20 TT. I figured the Iced tea would be cheap like in the states. NOPE. It was 15 TT when a pepsi is 5. I was pretty surprised so of course I went for the Pepsi. Now I am just sitting in my room watching TV and blogging before I go to bed. I should probably get to sleep. Tomorrow is a loooong day. Rehearsal starts at 11 along with a long day of moving pans over and over again. Tomorrow is Semi finals. We are the last band in our section. I am very excited. Goodnight for now. More tomorrow hopefully.

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