Wednesday, January 20, 2010

relaxing day...

So yesterday I was tired and went to bed before blogging. I was woken up by my call from Kirth saying he and his work partner were going to pick me up to go to the bank in 10 minutes. So I got ready quick and we went. I had to turn in more travelers checks for more TT (Trinidad and Tobago dollars) the bank was at the mall so afterwards we hung out a bit and walked around. I actually go lunch there and they got ice cream. I had Gyro. Slightly different but still really good. The mall is your typical looking mall just a lot smaller than American ones. So we went back and I hung out at the house and watched some TV until Omari came home. He wanted to show me the new kite he made so we went down the park. It was just down the street and it was kind of humorous to see there were a bunch of kites that got stuck in the power lines. Either way, another one of his friends was down their flying a kite named Marcus. Omari’s kite flew really well. He is one of the more conservative kite fliers. Marcus likes doesn’t mind flying right by the power lines. Also Omari was helping Marcus fix his kite because hes good at it and he had Marcus hold his. Marcus gave the kite a lot slack and Omari didn’t want him to do that. So there was a bit of a shouting match that went out but his kite had to be out about 300 feet or more. It flew well. Then I remember the only down side to kites. Reeling them in. I know this because Omari asked me to reel his in for him while he fed me the line. Lot of work especially because the spool was so thin. Then we went back

We hung out for a while and then got ready for rehearsal. On the way down I had some Shir’s Finger Lickin chicken, and it was really good. Rehearsal went fine Im really getting the parts now. It is funny because I do feel comfortable with most everyone but im still not myself. In my old band at school I was known as the jokester and I was pretty loud. Here I am definitely not know like that but oh well, in due time. I came home and skyped with my dad for about an hour and then went to bed. Not a very eventful day but I good one none the less.

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