Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thursday last week...

Thursday I actually got up early a little before 930. I came out of my room and I had Potato pies, grapefruit and coffee waiting for me. It was all great. Then I showered and we went out. First I went out to their car dealership so they could make an appointment to get it fixed. After that, Marylin and Jerome took me to a nice souvenir shop where I finally got something for myself to show I have actually been here. I got myself three shirts, my favorite one says “I love my Trini Heritage” haha. The women at the store didn’t show me that one for a while because Im not trini but I eventually saw it and figured it would be funny. Well we eventually left and went back to their house so I can pack up to leave on the ferry. After packing I walked down to a real great roti restaurant. It was the best roti I have ever had. It was amazing and the pepper was nice and hot. It was actually kind of funny because the server actually asked everyone in front of me if they wanted pepper but then didn’t ask me. I had to stop her and ask for it haha. Anyway I walked back and waited for Seion. He came and took me to port and I got on the Ferry. It was a nice ride back to Tobago. I finally watched the video of my recital. I hate watching myself perform most of the time. My recital was about a year ago and it took me this long to watch the whole thing. Haha. I then got off the ferry and Lemon, Georgina and Omari picked me up. Omari looked really happy to see me haha. He said “we have to go to rehearsal” in his American accent as soon as I got in the car haha. I got back and just hung out and relaxed, ate and went to bed. I was still getting back sleep from Carnival.

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  1. This really speaks to me. Thanks Tom.