Thursday, February 4, 2010

feeling better... maybe it was the ants

Well today was a pretty lazy day I woke up pretty late and went to the panyard to teach Big B some more music. I must say no offense to him but I really do enjoy teaching children better than adults. A lot of times I find that adults feel that they can do think better their own way even more than young students. For example I told him to play it very very slow but in time and try to get as many notes as possible. But he still plays it really fast. It was a bit frustrating. I mean I really like that guy and if he doesn’t want my guidance that is fine and I will just feed him notes. However, I have studied music with some great teachers and this is what they have taught me and it works. I do recall a time when in a lesson with Robert Chappell where he was asking me to play it slow. It took me a short while to realize how well it works. Overall I feel I have got a great experience in both learning by wrote and teaching by rote. I like both ways but I feel that teaching by written music is just soo much more efficient. However I actually really enjoy learning by rote because its more of a physical way of learning. Well, enough of that. Afterwards, at around 5 I got back to Lemon’s and hung out for a while with Omari and went on the computer for a bit. I hung out until I had to go to practice. Rehearsal was short and we hung out afterwards. I actually started playing the congas. I showed them a “moose call” (a way of producing a sound from a drum by rubbing your finger across the top in a specific way to make a sustained sound.) They were all very amused. I tried to teach them how to do it but none of them really got it. It took me while. It was just really funny how amused they were, calling people over to listen and then watching them try to do it, haha. After a bit, I went back to Lemons and relaxed and watched TV.

Today my stomach felt better. Still not 100% but getting there. Oh!!! By the way, I figured out how to change comment settings so that anyone can leave a comment. Hopefully it work. Comments are encouraged.

My time here is flying by and looking at my schedule in the next couple of weeks I feel like it might even go faster. Off to bed now. More tomorrow. Ill add more pictures too. for now here is one of Omari building a kite.

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  1. love the pic of omari!! he looks so happy : ) i know you'll really appreciate learning how to teach an entirely different style of music, so be patient! it'll pay off..sometimes children are just as stubborn as adults : )