Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday....

This morning I got up, had breakfast, showered and off we went to the mall/bank. First to the bank where I turned in my travelers checks so I could pay them for my stay. Then it was off to the mall where I did almost all of my souvenir shopping. Don’t be offend if you didn’t get something, I am only one man and remember, I am currently unemployed. In fact, the first person who finds me a job gets a souvenir!….. no that will never work. Anyway, after that, Jerome and Marylin dropped me off at the Port so I can buy my ferry ticket for Tobago. Then I would find a taxi back to the house. I got in a long line to buy tickets. It was taking forever. I started talking to the man in front of my about half way into the line. I tell him that I just need to buy a ticket for Thursday. He then informed me that I cant buy advanced tickets at the port, I had to find a travel agency. Weird. But went to the Information desk and got a list of all the agents that sell those tickets. Then I had to get there so I stood outside right where I have previously been mobbed by taxi drivers after getting off the boat the last two times. No one was there. The boat wasn’t coming in for two hours. Usually I could get a cab before I even step outside. But nothin. Then I asked a security guard and he told me where to stand so I walked a little over a block down and just waited. This is my I first time doing this by myself. In Chicago its easy because all the cabs say :Taxi: on them. Here ANYONE can be “taxi driver.” So I stand on the corner. After awhile still nothing. Then I try to stand like I have to go somewhere but its too far too walk….. Beep beep. It worked!!! I told him where I need to go. And he said sure and I got in. Sidenot: the cars in Trinidad and Tobago have the freindlest horns. Most just say “wahm?” or “where d scene?” or translated, “Hey whats up my friend?” or sometimes they say “hey need a lift?” You do get the occational “HEY! Why the heck did you stop in the middle of the road?!” (the PG rated version) but most of the time it’s the first two. The driver also picked up three other people on the way. He dropped me off first and I asked how much and he said 5 and that was it. Not so bad. Im alive. In fact im going to do it again tomorrow and go to the mall. Well I got back and called Seion. He said he was on his way to pick me up because he was dropping off the two St. Vincent boys at the airport. So he picked me up and we ended up driving to mall where Seion took us to dinner. We went to a nice Chinese buffet place. It wasn’t bad. The other two had never eaten at a Chinese buffet so Seion and I taught them the tricks of the trade. I think they were impressed both by our eating ability, knowledge and the fact that I can use chop sticks well. It was a great dinner because we bonded a lot and I got to know them better as well as Seion. I actually might go down to St. Vincent’s Panorama and play. I told Big P that it was his turn to teach me the notes. We got a good laugh at that. So we went to the airport, traded emails and such and dropped them off. Good guys. I will definitely keep in touch. Then it was back to the house to rest. I had some more nice conversation with Marylin and Jerome when I got back and then I headed to my room to blog and chat. Now I have to get to bed. I have get up at 9 tomorrow. Marylin said she would knock so I HAVE to get up. It was so nice today she did my laundry and laid it on my bed while I was gone. Anyways off to bed. Long day tomorrow.

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