Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Carnival Tuesday;;;

Well I got up a bit late (I’m sure you’re all surprised) and got showered quick, ate lunch and went out to watch Mas with Marylin and Jerome. We walked down toward all the sounds and watched some of the bands go by. The music was so loud, I could feel my intestines moving. It literally took my breath away. Of course I wore my ear plugs. I’m soo glad I brought them. Anyway, we walked down toward the closest park as we watched. The dresses and head pieces and floats were all amazing again. It just seemed like more people were playing Mas and more people had on their costumes. And it all started at 7 this morning. I was actually supposed to go with Marylin and Jerome that morning but I slept through all my alarms and apparently half of Mas. I’m glad they went with out me. I needed sleep. Next Carnival I come to (and yes I said the next one because there will be a next) I will know how to plan out my sleep schedule. I was still recovering from sleep from Wednesday of last week. So we finally arrived at the park. Around noon. It is here that most of the big bands take a break and have food before they go back out on the road. This is where I decided that the next time I come back, I am playing Mas. Thousands of people of all shapes sizes and colors dressed in costumes. So many beautiful women from all over the world dressed in “BUHkinis” as Jerome would say. My neck was a little sore when we got back probably from this stop. (not really just a little joke). But really did enjoying seeing all the different people I didn’t matter ifyou were big, small, young, old, black, white, or purple, everyone was here for the same reason and having a great time. Marylin told me that probably around 100,000 people play Mas. That’s insane. I was part of the rest of them who watch on the side or watch at home on TV. It’s an amazing sight to see and I can’t to see more of it the second time around. Around this time we stopped, I actually realized I was right in front of a fire station. It took me a little while to divert my attention. Actually it took a Engine pulling right in front of me pulling into the station. Haha and im serious. So I got as many pictures of that as I could for my dad. I did find it funny that on the side of the engine it said “Do Not Use Fireworks/Fire Crackers Indoors” in huge print. Maybe that’s just me but it was kind of funny. By the way, I got a ton of pictures and movies during the day but I don’t have much time to put them up but I might eventually make an online photo album for your viewing pleasure later, probably when I get back. So we eventually walked back to the house and relaxed for a little while. I got into some good conversation with Marylin and Jerome about many different subjects. I really enjoyed staying that their place. It was nice. It kind of felt like I was hanging out with grandma and grandpa. (which of course makes me miss home) Especially because Jerome couldn’t hear all the time or would forget things and Marylin would remind him or relay the message similar to my grandparents haha. But luckily, I will be home to see them soon. After they had went to bed. I actually went out to check out the scene down the street and get a late night snack. The streets were almost empty. There were just people taking down their stands and a large amount of people cleaning up the streets. I wanted again to get something new to eat. I passed the gyros, the fried chicken and even the chicken foot soup, and got some corn soup. I have heard it is great. And it was. It was like a chowder and spicy. A great combo. So I walked back just observing the people cleaning and tearing down shop and eventually arrived back at the house. I did some of my email replying and went on to bed. I had to get up early the next day to go to the mall and bank with Marylin and Jerome.

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