Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feeling much better

Yesterday rehearsal went well. Seion and a bunch of the players from Trinidad were here but rehearsal was actually pretty short. We had to move our pans down to Scarborough for the completion today. They call it THA which stands for Tobago House of Assembly. This is the Tobago steel pan final. All the Tobagonian steel bands that make it into the National Semifinals play here and compete against eachother. And there are only two categories. Traditional (single pan or pan ‘round de neck) and conventional (like the Buccooneers). Each band is to have no more that 75 players playing for this competition so the large bands have to cut a lot of people. We only have to cut a few. It is said to be very political but I feel we have a pretty good chance at winning. People seem to really like our band and enjoy Seions arranging style. But I really don’t know what will happen. We moved racks last night until 330. Phew! Exhausting but still fun.

Today I was pretty lazing because of the late night last night. I hung out and got some food and just listen to music today. I also wanted to conserve my energy because the competition doesn’t start until 8 oclock and we play 5th in our category. Traditional is up first so we probably wont play until about midnight. A maxi is going to pick us up from the panyard at 5, Then we head over to the practice yard in Scarborough until we play. Should be a long night. Oh I forgot to mention. I got another new jersey (t-shirt) for the performance and at first they gave me another XL but I moved quick and found a Medium in the extras bag. Finally something that fits. Last competition I had a Large and that was still huge. Plus I think I am losing a little weight out here due to all the walking and such. I good kick start to my new years resolution (that’s a first)

I am feeling much better today and I feel almost back to normal. Just in time for travelling to Trinidad on Thursday.

Just now as I was in the kitchen getting something to drink, Omari came running and it looked like he stubbed his toe and was crying a bit. A little background, Omari likes to pretend to be hurt with me a lot where he fake cries and fibs about being hurt and has fooled me the first couple of times. But after the first few I told him that he should lie and people wont believe him when the real thing happens, insert “the boy who cried wolf” etc. It seemed as though he had actually been hurt this time. So I quickly checked that there wasn’t a serious injury and made a mini ‘teachable moment’ out of it. I don’t know how much actually sank in but I hope a little. Don’t worry I did still console him but he was fine 5 minutes later. Anyways off to catch the maxi for THA. More soon.

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