Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Second Sunday School

Well yesterday I went to the beach but I didn’t really swim. The waves were humungous. I did hang out and went in up to my waste. While I was there a little boy came up to me and we formed an emidiate bond. His name was Dareem Adams (he spelled it for me in the sand. ha). He had to be about 6 years old but he reminded me of Omari a lot because he had an endless amount of energy. Running around making some sort of noise and just having fun. He liked to get pulled by the waves and he would grab onto my arm as if I was saving him. I don’t know why but kids seem to just love me. I didn’t even initiate anything. It was funny though. I also watched some surfers off in the distance. I definitely need to do that before I leave here. Afterwards I went back to Lemon’s and showered up and got ready for Sunday School. Saw had dropped by and we were just hanging out. I remembered that the Superbowl was on and I wanted to quickly catch the score. Saw said he didn’t really understand that game and thought it was boring. So I gave him a rather brief description of the game and he said its probably not as boring if you understand it. Anyway they left to go set up and I hung around for a while. When I went down I was starving. At Sunday School there are a bunch of different food vendors. I had previously asked Lemon which one was the best so I went to that one. I told her I knew Lemon and played with the Buccooneers and she said she would fix me up real nice. So she gave me this huge plate of food with chicken, macaroni pie, coleslaw, potato salad, pasta salad and I think that’s it. It was probably the best meal I bought on my whole trip. Then she told me the price. 80 TT. The most I have ever paid for a meal is about 45 dollars. Luckily this was worth 80 TT. Then it was off to watch the steel band more. The last one I promise I will get some video. My stomach wasn’t feeling so good all night so I went back to Lemons for a lot of the time. After my stomach felt better, I came and hung out with a lot of the guys in the band. They really take good care of me and seem to enjoy having me around. Some drinking, dancing and good times ensued. Its kinda funny because every Sunday School, I really feel like a tourist because there are a lot around and as much as I don’t want to look like a tourist, its inevitable. I ended up eventually walking back to where I am staying and passing out as soon as I hit the bed.

Today, I woke up a little later and relaxed for a while. Lemon eventually called me to take me to the bank. I have needed to go for a while. He was nice enough to lend me 200 TT yesterday. The first think I did was pay him back with interest. I also stopped at the drug store and got some medicine for my stomach. I got back, had some Chinese food and hung out at the beach. Again I was going to go swimming but waves were even bigger. I did bring a body board the Lemon has but there were only 2 surfers and no swimmers. If there were more people I would have felt more comfortable. Plus, I could see the headline now. Local former lifeguard drowns at Sea, What an idiot. I will definitely get out there soon though. Afterwards, I walked back, showered and am currently just relaxing.

I am definitely starting to miss home a bit. More because I just feel disconnected with all my friends and family back home. I still am very connected with the Internet, email and Facebook but its still not the same. Well, I have a pretty eventful few days coming up so there will definitely be more soon.

The picture seen here is just a local shop I pass by everyday with a nice paint job. Also I nice older gentleman sitting on a bench outside.

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