Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chicken Foot Soup for the Soul

Well heres another short adventure. So after I blogged I went on a mission to get some food. It was around 11 or 12 ish and I hadn’t eaten since about 6 so I was hungry. So I went don’t the main road, Ariapita ave, to check out some vendors. Of course there were a bunch of people in the street drinking and partying. I on the other hand was still recovering and was lookin for food. I had passed vendors I ad recently gone by. There were the Gyro vendors where and I said hello to my friends who sold me some great bake and shark, but I want some thing different. I am trying to experience everything I can before I leave. I also passed by some places that sold fried chicken and hamburgers but have had enough of that so I kept walking. I had gone about 6 or 7 blocks and I saw vendor with some huge pots. It looked like they might have chicken soups or souse (I really don’t know what it is but I know of it.) I walked up and there was a man eating something that smelled really good. I said Ill have what hes having. Then I looked down at the sign. I was right about the chicken soup. But off a little bit. You could say I was off by a few feet. (yea cheesy pun, I couldn’t pass it up) It was chicken foot soup. And of course what did I say. Suuure. Its exactly what it sounds like. Its like chowder. Its creamier and has dumplings, potatoes and carrots in it. There are also chicken feet pointing at you. But hey, when in Rome… It was actually delicious. I just simply ignored the fact that I was sucking the meat off of a chicken foot. As a walked back eating my soup without any hesitation I realized how much this trip has changed me. Two months ago if you said, “Hey Tom, want some chicken foot soup?” I would have said “Thanks but I’ll pass.” This trip has also made me appreciate and realize so many different things. How amazing a nice warm shower is. (or even just having running water). So many things that I take for granted, like wireless internet, fast food restaurants, a vehicle, 3G, a bed and the list goes on. However, I think the most important thing I attained from this trip was the ability to experience another culture to its fullest. It has humbled me to the greatest extent. I feel that US Americans can be so ignorant and just unaware of other cultures. I have learned so much from just meeting people from other cultures and talking to them about their experiences. It has encouraged me to travel much more often and learn about other cultures as best I can. I have always been interested in sociology and I am very curious to find out what the “Social norm” is in other cultures. I feel like most Americans have no clue how everyone else things or what they believe in. I have definitely caught the travel bug and would like to experience other cultures. I feel like the last six weeks have helped me grow wiser and helped me because a better person in many different aspects. I also feel like the ultimate goal in life is and should be to attain as much wisdom as possible and attempted to pass it on to others. And I believe you gain wisdom through experiences, you encounter of course both good and bad and schooling is only a very small part of that. I believe it ultimately the social interactions and situation that you gain most of this wisdom from. I feel that this trip, I have gained priceless wisdom and yes I realized this staring down at Styrofoam cup with chicken feet pointing back. I have never traveled alone and I feel there are great benefits from doing so. I feel like this was the perfect thing for me. I have had so much time to just reflect on the last chunk of my life which have been going by at a stress-fully feverish pace and I haven’t stopped to realized what I gained from that until now. This trip also came at a perfect time in my life. I have just graduated, I just moved back home, I am about to (hopefully) officially begin my lifelong career, and I just got out of a serious 2 ½ year relationship. This is probably the biggest transition point of my life. I guess the transition into “the real world.” Not like MTV’s real world where you watch college aged meat heads get drunk and fight and have intimate relations on television but the reeeaaal world. With bills, rent, car payments, taxes, etc. I know it sounds romantic and I got a bit preachy but I do want to encourage everyone to travel more and record your travels so you can relive them and possibly regain forgotten wisdom. I believe that these types of trips can take you away from the monotony of the ‘real world’ and help you realize what you taking for granted and what you should be thankful for. The thing this trip has most made me realize how important family and friends are and how much most people take them for granted to focus on their occupation, getting through the real world. But I would rather live poor and close with my family and friends than rich and alone any day. (both close with the family and rich would pretty awesome though).

Well anyways, this was supposed to be a very short, funny post but turned philosophical faster than two shakes of a chicken foot (maybe that phrase will catch on). I think it has become my favorite post of the whole trip. I am particularly proud of the title. Seems fitting. Haha. Well thanks for reading/ putting up with my inner monologue-esk babbling but it was bound to happen at some point. I just didn’t know that it would be triggered by chicken foot soup. Oh well. Off to bed for Mas early tomorrow.


  1. It's been great to read. What an awesome post. I absolutely agree. A trip like that has to change you, and only for the better. If only more people in OUR society could understand things with a global view.

    Really happy for you,


  2. Hey Tom..its Sue-Ann from Buccooneers. I play Tenor...I gave u a lift home one night after practice.

    I really appreciate your blog. It's great to see another perspective other than my own. Most of the sentiments u expressed over the past weeks I agree with. I sincerely hope that all the squabbling and unheavals we had would not severely impact on Seion returning to us next yr.
    We need to change our attitudes and see the BIGGER picture.
    Love the blog...

  3. the saying is true, traveling always helps you find yourself..

  4. "AHHH you learn well...grasshopper"

  5. I very much enjoyed reading your blog Tom. As you know I travel every chance I get. I have to say you hit it on the head, the exact reason is to experience the hear and now of where you are at, and the people and culture. See you when you get back, You should need a haircut by then . Have a great time. Tony

  6. Hey tom, unfortunately I didn't know about your blog until just today, although I have read every post as I procrastinated the past two hours. I relly enjoyed hearing about your experience (although I have to admit I am extremely jealous). I am happy you are doing what you love to do, and hope you get to continue to make music and have as good time as you usually do. Keep it up and you should blog more on all your "adventures". Let me know if you're ever in Chicago.

  7. Sue-ann--thank you. I had a wonderful time here and will never forget it.

    Kathy -- hilarious haha.

    Tony -- I was just saying to a few people that I need a hair cut bad. I will see you soon.

    Randy -- thanks, we definitely need to hang out when I get back or this summer when you visit Wauconda or me in Chicago.