Tuesday, February 2, 2010

still catching up on sleep....

Well today was a bit of a lazy day recovering from my travels to Trinidad and back. I had agreed to help out my friend Big B from St. Vincent learn more of the tune. I got there on time of course, and no one was there so I went to get some Roti down the street, came back and called him. He came over and we worked pretty hard from 230 to almost 5. I really have gotten more rote teaching experience than I expected. I definitely am not used to teaching that way and it took some getting used to. I was getting tired so I went back to hang at Lemons house for a while with Omari. I was skyping with my Dad and he got to see how Omari is when he isn’t nervous and talking to new people. A ball of energy. He did however ask me today when I am leaving and told me that I cant go. I told him I had to because I have to teach at home. He proceeded to tell me that I can teach here. Haha.

Anyway I went down to the panyard to either teach Big B some more notes or help move racks. I ended up moving racks. Headed back when It was through and perused the internet for the last couple of hours. I must now get to bed because I am getting up to teach Big B some more and I want to have enough time to go to the beach and work on my tan. Another “hard day at work…” don’t worry mom, I will use sunscreen.

Oh also I have been thinking of thing(s) to get Kirth/Lemon as a present for his hospitality. I have a funny feeling he wont take any money. Does anyone have any ideas? Please email them to me at trucker101355@gmail.com and also feel free to email any other questions or comments about the blog or anything really. I would enjoy some feedback. Thanks to those who have given me some. I really never expected anyone to read this. I did it mostly because I was bored during a 7 hour layover in Trinidad. I am really glad that people are actually reading it. I didn’t really know until Seion asked me about it without me telling him. I’m really glad I am doing it and I will recommend it for anyone travelling. Well, off to bed. More tomorrow.

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