Sunday, February 14, 2010

The day before finals...

Well… much to talk about. Lets start where I left off. After I blogged me and Big P (I originally thought it was Big B but I think I may have been mistaken, I still am not certain) went down to the supermarket to get some drinks and stuff. It was about a mile walk not too bad. There ended up being a mall there so we hung out for a while. I actually got some sunglasses. The supermarket was pretty crazy because the lines were so long. They had to have 20 people in them and only 5 of 20 registers were open. However, we actually got lucky because a parent of one of the Buccooneers was paying and she waved us over so we jumped the line. We only had 2 waters and a Gatorade so I didn’t feel too bad. Then went back to the hotel and I napped. We went to the panyard later that night to rehearse the last time before finals. We ended up doing a lot of work. We changed ending a little bit more to clean it up. Seion forgot my pans again. He actually left during rehearsal and got them which was great I was a little nervous because these pans were different. They were rotated a bit and the rack was different as well so I just wanted to get used to them. After a while Seion had to go to his other band the Merrytones because they performed in the small band category. He suggested that the band come and support them. Looking back I don’t know if it was great idea because people ended up getting mad that others left and rehearsal went pretty late when we got back. It was nice to see his other band play though. I was exhausted and hungry along and a group of us hitched a ride back to the school. Practice went on for a while and then we had to move pans to the Savannah at around 3 in the morning. Luckily I had a Lucozade which is a glucose energy drink. Taste really good and is probably horrible for you but oh well, It did the trick. We ended up getting back to the hotel at around 4 after setting up the racks twice on the drag. We were the 2nd band to perform so we set up really close to the stage. So we woke the next morning for breakfast.

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