Friday, February 12, 2010

Rehearsal in Trinidad... Finals two days away (NOW ONE)

I have internet. Yay! Well yesterday morning I made it to the maxi (because I didn’t go to sleep) and got on the boat. I took a nice nap on the boat. I actually bought some breakfast on the boat (because my brother would kill me if I didn’t at least once) It wasn’t too bad. We got to Trinidad and headed to the hotel. As we get there we find out that there is no water. Yes again, NO Water. It was actually on the news because some construction working busted the pipe and it’s a huge hotel and they have only had water I think 3 days of the last 20 or so (That’s what I heard)Eh oh well. I just wanted to sleep. So I got to the room and passed out. I am in a room with the two St. Vincent guys again, a man named Smokey who plays the big drum, and the guy who plays “tok tok” (Jam block) Tok tok is what it sounds like, “tok…tok…tok…tok…tok…tok” through the whole song. Both are referred to as “Rasta men.” Smokey is named that I believe because he is a smoker. (of probably multiple things) and has a deep very raspy “smoker voice.” All very nice guys. So caught up for sleep breaking for lunch and dinner. After dinner we went to practice at 8. By the way, still no water. We rehearsed a looong time. Seion was supposed to bring my pans but he forgot so I had to share, which was fine. Seion actually changed the ending of the tune to make it more dramatic. I really like it. I recognize it though. It has parts from March Slave and another Calypso he has written before. NIU folks will definitely recognize it. Very nice and a really nice cello part. It was tough because there was a huge fete (party) going on down the block with live music and Seion had to teach parts over that. At about 3:30 in the morning there was a bunch of drama about people being too tired to rehearse and such. I know its 3:30 BUUUT Seion, Ben and Lemon aaaalll warned us to rest during the day because “We will be going very late on Thursday night” I know I did but I’m sure a lot of people that are complaining did not. It was a bit frustrating for me because I was ready to rehearse for another hour and Finals were only TWO DAYS AWAY ahhhh! But we did end rehearsal. It was the first time I’ve ever seen Seion vexed (mad). There was also a lot of drama about Trinis vs Tobagonians whos doing more work whatever. I think its just stupid that we are wasting so much time wining and arguing but I am the new guy and a bit of a minority in this situation. All I know is that I am doing all I can to help and its all I can do. Anyways, so we head back to the hotel and there is finally water yay! But I am too tired to bathe so fall asleep. I actually slept out on the deck in a chair for a long while 5 people in a room and 2 beds. You do the math. And two guys pasted out diagonally on the beds and I didn’t want to wake them. No big deal I got some really good sleep this morning after breakfast. Oh and I finally got to take a shower. (just before all the water was gone again.) I relaxed around the hotel after lunch and now and blogging. We have to go to our final rehearsal at 3 which is in about 15 minutes. SO I had better get going. I will hopefully blog later tonight because I probably wont on Saturday night. I hope you can all find the link for the Live broadcast. If you are confused, email me at

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  1. the rasta men sound cool : ) the bickering you're talking about sounds familiar..remember high school football or the drama of band camp?? it comes with the whole group dynamic..i think you have a different perspective because you're so thankful for being a part of their group that you don't bother with the day to day nonsense..hang in there! good luck tomorrow, not that you'll need it : )