Sunday, February 7, 2010

My first Soca Party

Wow. Sorry it has been so long since I have blogged. My usual blogging time has been pretty busy. Well, Friday was a pretty typical day I rested and relaxed. My stomach still wasn’t feeling better but I still haven’t missed a rehearsal or anything. I helped Big B with the last of the tune. It was fulfilling. I got that warm and fuzzy accomplished teacher feeling which I haven’t gotten since student teaching. That also reminds me, I have to look for a job when I get back. Ugh. Anyway so I relaxed back at Lemons until I had rehearsal. Rehearsal was as usual. Not too long and we hung out a little afterwards. Lemon and I actually left pretty quickly after because Georgina had gotten us tickets to a Soca party. It was sponsored by Digicel, and she works there, hence the free tickets. Well, I had never been to a Soca party so I was curious to see what it was like. The party was called “Outrageous in White” meaning everyone has to or at least should wear white. Luckily lemon let me borrow a white jersey (T-shirt) and it fit pretty well. The party was in Canoe Bay and we started driving up and there a ton of cars parked along the street. Luckily the tickets we had were VIP tickets so we were able to drive all the way up next to where the party was. Most people had to walk a ways. Also I found out the tickets we had, people paid 250 TT for them. So So we checked in and got our VIP wrist band, Digicel handkerchief and drink tokens. The drink tokens where one inch square pieces of paper with, beer, premium drink or soda on them. 2 of each. I was lucky enough to find another packet on the ground at the bar so we didn’t pay for anything all night. When we got there, I saw a big stage, lots of people and a fence in the middle of the crowd dividing the VIP section and everyone else. We were right in front and we could go back stage freely. There were food stands and bars around the outside and very loud music. At the time we walked in, it was only a DJ playing because it was ‘early’….1 A.M. There also a handful of people on stilts dancing. Not like ‘oh you are a foot taller than me that funny’ more like. You are 20 feet in the air. I felt like they were Giraffes or something. We and Lemon were hanging out and had got our first and 2nd round of drinks. I was looking on stage to notice that there were keyboards, a drumset and a bass amp on stage. I was really looking forward to hearing what was coming. I haven’t heard or seen any live music other than pan since I’ve been here. The first two artists came out. They actually only saying with a backing track, which was fine still very entertaining. Lots of dancers, lights and such. Lots of fun. Then they started setting up for the live band performance. Lemon and I went into general admission part because it was bigger to check it out. There actually was a rhythm section playing there. It included a bunch of guys playing the Iron. Similar to a break drum, a guy playing congas, a guy playing timbales and bongos and a man playing two large drums made of out steel drums. I found out that they are just barrels with the top cut off and the stretch plastic over the top and act as a bass drum. It was pretty fun because they were just playing a groove and people were dancing by them and it was a nice little interlude inbetween artists. And they were playing in the back of the general admission section opposite the stage. After a while the first main artist came on, Alison Hines, Lemon and I headed back to the VIP section of course. The band started and the lights started back up, Giraff people were walking around and dancing, and all the sudden I look up and there are fireworks coming from behind the stage. A great show. Jah Cure came out and they sang a few songs together and then individually. From what I understand, Jah Cure known as a Reggae artist and for him to be singing Soca is a little bit shocking or at least new. Oh for all those not familiar with Soca, here is a music video of a very popular soca song right now. Its called Palance which, from what I understand, means to just have a good time and enjoy yourself. Very High energy. The band was pretty cool because there was a bass player, drummer and about 5 keyboard players play all kinds of stuff. It sounded really good. I actually got to talk to the bass player for a little bit between sets. We had left shortly after that time because it was getting late. We left around 4 and the party was going to go until about 6 but Lemon and I were exhausted. And I passed out as soon as I hit the pillow.

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